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Not just another L'l Beach House Heather's-Hide-A-Way Has a nice size Back Yard, More than most of the places around it. From the Privacy Fence to the Little Gazebo to the Back porch  there is  a spot for everyone pick out to choose to relax in.


  • 2 Bedrooms,Living room, Full Eat In Kitchen, Florida Room, Gazebo in a Privacy Fenced In Yard.

  • 50 steps to the beach

  • Outdoor shower, Secluded Back Yard

  • HDTV, DVD, WiFi


Just a short block away. The Beach has some unique  features. Caddy's restaurant offers Cabanas and Surfside service right to your spot on the sand. Watching the Sunset is a community thing, people come down to the sand and as the Sun hits the ocean everyone watches for the green flash. When the Sun finally sets applause breaks out and some one rings a bell to mark the end of another beautiful day in Paradise.


 So if you just want to sit on the sand and read a good book or work on your tan, Sunset Beach is the place to let go of your cares for a while and recharge your Body ,Mind and Spirit. There is a rumor that Sunset Beach inspired Jimmy Buffet to wright the song "Margaritaville" , I do know that the author Ian Fleming wrote about Sunset Beach in his spy novel "Live and Let Die". He used it as a backdrop for James Bond and "Solitaire". I will not tell you what happens, but it not the same as in the movie as they left Florida completely out of the movie. I recommend that "Live and Let Die" be one of the books you read while sitting on the beach. You will not be disappointed.

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